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    3 Basic No-No's For New Indie Artists

    • 2 min read

    3 Basic No-No's For New Indie Artists


    Being an artist comes with a fair amount of ups and downs. How you begin your career can have a lasting effect on how long it prevails. Below are the top three common mistakes that most artists make early in their careers.


    Working Harder & Not Smarter

    Many artists are determined to show their musical capabilities. Therefore, they act as their own manager, engineer, producer, writer, etc., towards the beginning of their career. However, it is crucial to know how to work smart. For instance, it may not be worth your time to go to a different city miles away to perform for a handful of people when you literally can perform locally. 


    Lack of a Website

    Your website is vital to your success, and so many artists do not see it that way. With the rise of social media, many artists believe that simply having an Instagram is enough to showcase their music, which is untrue. Even if you cannot afford to have a website custom-designed, Wix has many templates that operate on a "plug-and-play" type formatting, which makes building your website incredibly easy.


    Not Learning From Mistakes

    You're bound to make some mistakes and run across some unforeseen snags along the way on your musical adventure. When things aren't going your way, it can be pretty irritating, and it might even be tempting to give up. However, the goal is to learn from them and take that new knowledge to the next phase of your career. 


    While this little piece of advice seems to be common sense, many new artists do not follow the basics, creating major roadblocks for themselves. Make sure you are capable of following the "starter steps," and you will be just fine.


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