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    3 Daily Tasks That Indie Artists Should Be Doing

    • 2 min read

    3 Daily Tasks That Indie Artists Should Be Doing


    If you have been with Viral Media Boost for a while now, then you know we have dropped basic do’s and don’ts for new artists several times. However, there can never be too many tips for the rising indie artists of the world. Today, we’ll go over a few common duties that you should be doing daily to push your music. 


    Sitting & Waiting On The Fans To Find You

    While pushing your music aggressively should be common sense, it’s not. Sadly, many artists believe that they can simply release their music, and streams will magically follow. Make an effort to do at least three things beneficial to your music career daily. A few examples of these tasks that you can do include:


    1. Posting at least three Instagram posts at peak times (check your analytics to find peak times when your followers are most active)
    2. Post music snippets on your Instagram Story
    3. Make at least one connection (email a DJ, blogs, collaborators, event organizer, pretty much anyone that you can connect with to assist with your music)
    4. Check on your social media advertisement performances and make adjustments as needed
    5. Send your email list an update about your forthcoming project or single
    6. Record music
    7. Write music, even if it is only a verse or a few bars for a verse
    8. Find new beats


    Make Sure You Are investing Properly

    We all know that it takes money to make money. Therefore, ensure that you are investing in your career but only in the right things. For example, investing $500 into posters to hang up around your city before investing in studio time is undoubtedly a backward approach. While any marketing is vital, you’ll need to ensure that you have quality products to market first and foremost. 


    Your look is also a big investment as an artist because everyone wants to see that you are doing well in the social media age. Many rappers spend big money on ice and even luxury rentals to sell the “rapper image.” However, do not go broke trying to look rich before actually being rich. Aside from looking like a rapper, you still have to be one in real life, which costs money.


    Make sure that your number one expenses include studio time, quality mixing and mastering, and marketing. Everything else is secondary.


    Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

    Make sure you have a stockpile of mixed and mastered music before you begin reaching out to blogs and DJs. You want to guarantee that you can send off your finished tunes when requested at any given moment. 


    If you are already doing these things, then bravo to you. Consider this a check-in from your friends at Viral Media Boost. But for those of you who may be lacking in any of these areas, feel free to bookmark this article for future reference. We’re always here to help. 


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