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    3 DJ Mixing Boards Suitable For Beginners & Pro's

    • 2 min read

    3 DJ Mixing Boards Suitable For Beginners & Pro's


    As with any craft, DJs will need to invest in quality equipment. The most essential piece of equipment for any DJ is their mixing board, often referred to as the soundboard, audio or mixing console, or DJ controller. No matter the name, they all are designed for the purpose of allowing a DJ to manipulate audio and mix music for seamless transitions. Many boards will even enable a DJ to create beats and scratching effects on the spot. 


    Below, you'll find a few of the best mixing boards suitable for beginners or veterans in the DJ game.


    Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

    The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 is a great entry-level DJ controller that's compatible with Traktor Pro 3. This 2-channel mixer features larger, updated 5.5" precision jog-wheels, but it's still small enough to transport and fit in tiny DJ booths for smaller events such as birthday or dinner parties. The Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 offers professional-level mixes for roughly $339. 



    Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller

    Priced at $299, the Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller is perfect for beginners and seasoned DJs. The Serato controls allow DJs to quickly create and trigger hot cues, samples, and loops. You may also use the Deck Select feature to switch between four decks rapidly. 



    Numark Mixtrack Pro FX 2-Channel DJ Controller

    This is another excellent selection for beginners and is the least expensive option on the list, starting at just $229. Numark Mixtrack Pro includes all the necessary features any DJ will need to rock their next event. This includes six-inch jog wheels, six quick-launch effects with dual paddle triggers, a pro right with two channels, eight performance pads per deck to access cues, loops, fader cuts and samples, microphone input, RCA output, and headphone output. It also includes 16 multi-function backlit performance pads to help transition your music flawlessly.


    Every DJ had to begin somewhere, and these mixing boards are perfect for any party starter looking to enter this new and exciting music field. 


    Which of these mixing boards have you used? Share your experience with us.


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