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    3 Major Qualities to Look For In a Tour DJ

    • 2 min read

    3 Major Qualities to Look For In a Tour DJ

    Going on tour is a pivotal moment in any artist’s career. It is an opportunity to showcase your music, your performing capability and solidify yourself as a true professional. Therefore, you must choose a quality DJ to go on the road with you.


    Many people call themselves DJ, but what skills do they possess to live up to this title? How can they make your tour a success? Let’s go over three key factors that you should consider when securing a tour DJ.


    Are They Experienced?

    The main question any artist should ask before taking a DJ on the road is their years of experience. There is a difference between being a radio DJ, party DJ, and tour DJ. While it is always lovely to have worked in every realm of record spinning, if the DJ has no experience with touring, this is not a good candidate.


    A good tour DJ should have experience with traveling. They should know how to set up and break down their equipment quickly. They must be accustomed to the hustle and bustle of tour life. 


    Also, ask the DJ which artists they have toured with and the type of venues they played. As an indie artist, you’re likely not at stadium status yet. However, the DJ must know how to control audio based on the size of the venue properly. 


    Is Their Equipment Up to Date?

    High-quality equipment is essential when going on tour. Any artist should ensure that the DJ touring with them has good soundboards, speakers, laptops, cords, etc. This is crucial, considering that the DJ will control the music being played throughout your set. Therefore, if the equipment is outdated or faulty, your sound will not resonate well while you are on stage. At worst, no music will be played at all.


    Can They Help Rock the Crowd?

    While a tour DJ’s main job is to keep the music going, being energetic and interacting with the crowd goes a long way. A good tour DJ will get the crowd hype before you even step on stage, which will create a good vibe throughout the venue.


    While there are tons of other questions you can ask prospects for your tour DJ position, these three are key to learning what the DJ can bring to the table. 


    As you prepare to hit the road, use these questions at introductions when sifting through DJs. 


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