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    3 Music Sample Clearance Companies To Make Your Life Easier 

    • 2 min read

    3 Music Sample Clearance Companies To Make Your Life Easier 


    Sampling music is a common practice among artists. However, it is crucial to get the proper clearances when using a sample of someone else's music. A sample clearance is permission from the copyright owner to use some of their music in your own music. Without this authorization, you could be subjected to lawsuits or your music being removed from streaming platforms. 


    While the clearance process can be costly, it is certainly worth it and can save you a world of stress down the line.


    Below you'll find three websites that you can use to get those clearances. 


    DMG Clearances, Inc.

    Owned by Deborah Mannis-Gardner, this company has been used by many big names in the music industry for their sample clearance needs. This service starts at $325, but they are worth every penny if you can afford to work with them.



    Tracklib is unique because it is the world's first record store that also has songs for sampling. This website features a massive sample library and includes three different licensing options that you may choose from. 


    EMG/Evan M. Greenspan

    EMG provides excellent tips for sample clearances and even has experts available to walk you through the process before you decide to pay for their services. This website is user-friendly and great for beginners.


    Whether you are ready to move forward with the sample clearance process or have general questions, any of these websites can help you achieve this. Even if you decide to go with another company, make sure you do not skip this vital step if you will be sampling music moving forward.


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