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    3 Steps You Must Take Ahead of Your Album Release

    • 1 min read

    3 Steps You Must Take Ahead of Your Album Release


    Are you ready for your album or mixtape release? Obviously, you have recorded all your music but have you made a plan for how you will get your music noticed? There is an immeasurable amount of planning that needs to take place ahead of your release but let’s review three vital steps that you need to take to ensure your project’s success.



    You need to create a truthful and strict budget. The budget needs to include your marketing, album artwork, music videos, distribution services, shows, merch, and anything else that will accompany your forthcoming release. 


    Compose Your Mailing List

    Compile every email address you have and create a mailing list. Then, use this mailing list to notify supporters that your project is on the way. You can even offer those on your mailing list a sneak peek of your new music via email as an added perk.


    Music Distribution

    You will need to determine which service you are using to distribute your music. Distrokid and TuneCore are popular distribution services. These services ensure that your project lands on all major streaming platforms at once, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.


    While these are not the only steps you will need to take ahead of your album release, they are vital actions that every artist needs to take early. Add these to your music rollout checklist today!


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