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    3 Things Your DJ Should Be Doing to Better Your Sets

    • 2 min read

    3 Things Your DJ Should Be Doing to Better Your Shows


    Your DJ is a key element in ensuring that your shows go off without a hitch. They are in charge of your music during performances and events. Never underestimate their role in your music career.

    To make sure that your fans always get the best experience and you put on the best show, there are a few things every DJ should do, and you as an artist should ensure that these practices are being instated.  

    1. Practice every aspect of the upcoming show

    A DJ should know the setlist and transitions they will be using during the artist's performance. They should never have to second guess which record is coming next. Therefore, the DJ will need to practice the set just as much as the artist. Many DJs improvise during a show, which increases the excitement. However, rehearsals can help keep things running smoothly.  

    2. Crowd participation

    The audience should not be bored. The DJ should do their best to hype up the crow as they await the artist to step onto the stage. Call-to-actions, a mix of the most popular songs and overall taking to attendees goes a long way.

    3. Have up to date equipment 

    If the DJ is spinning events or shows without outdated tools, there is a good chance that the set will not live up to its full potential. Artists may even have to pitch in to help with new equipment, especially during the early stages of the music career. However, this is just another investment into the team. 


    The DJ holds a valuable key to your career. Keep them in mind as one of your most significant assets, similar to what DJ Esco represents to Future. Through working together, your music can go to the next level.