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    3 Tips For Dealing With Unprofessionalism In the Music Industry

    • 2 min read

    3 Tips For Dealing With Unprofessionalism In the Music Industry


    No matter what line of work you are in, dealing with unprofessional people will be a factor at some point. The music industry is no exception. Prepare to encounter rude A&R's, entitled artists, and arrogant label execs who have amassed so much success that they're entirely out of touch. At some point, people will stand you up, fail to keep their end of an agreement or be all-around difficult to work with. For independent artists, these occurrences can be very discouraging, so learning how to deal with these instances is so important. 

    Today, we want to offer artists some words of encouragement when dealing with those who are hard to work with.

    Realize it's not your fault

    Say, for instance, you have a studio session booked with a popular producer, and they pull a "no-call, no show" on you. This can cause a musician to feel that they've done something wrong or that their music wasn't up to par. The fact is that a person failing to do their part is not your responsibility. If anything, they are the ones who look difficult to work with and can gain that reputation if the behavior continues.

    Also, keep in mind that getting told "no" is literally a part of every musician's journey. Some people won't even say "no." They will simply stop responding one day and assume you got the hint. 

    Sadly, this comes with the territory. Don't beat yourself up about it. 

    Never become unprofessional in return

    We know there is a temptation to match someone's energy, especially when you feel disrespected. Unfortunately, acting out will only hurt your career in the end. Keep your name clean in the music community by remaining graceful and proficient at all times.   

    Determine if they're worth it

    There are some people within the music industry that you will need, despite their nasty attitude and poor work ethic. Before you block their number, re-evaluate their position and what you can gain from them. In many cases, you'll simply have to suck it and proceed for the greater good.


    Unprofessional people exist. It is up to you how you will deal with them. Our advice would be to kill them with kindness and a spirit of over-professionalism. Arrive on time, respond promptly, keep your word, be courteous, etc. As you grow in the industry, do not pick up the bad habits of the seasoned vets. Need more guidance on your career? Schedule a one-on-one with our founder, Chris Tyson, today