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    3 Tips for Every Artist Conducting Their First Interview

    • 1 min read

    3 Tips for Every Artist Conducting Their First Interview


    As you continue to grow as an artist, many platforms will reach out to you to conduct interviews. Your supporters will want to know more about you, so these discussions serve as a great way to express yourself and offer some transparency.


    However, it is common for new artists to make several mistakes during their interviews before becoming seasoned vets. That is why we are here to offer you some tips ahead of your first sit down.


    Be On Time

    No matter how big or small the platform is, make sure you are always on time for your interview. Many interviews are conducted via Zoom. Even with those, make sure you log in on time. This displays a heightened level of professionalism that will encourage the hosts to invite you back.


    Avoid “Umm” & “Uhh”

    While it is common for artists to get flustered when thinking of certain answers, avoid “umm” and “uhh” as much as possible. Take your time when answering each question. Too many “umms” and “uhhs” can be a distraction. 


    Avoid One Word Answers

    There is nothing wrong with keeping certain things private. However, no one enjoys an interview where the artist only gives one-word answers. It conveys that you are not really interested and do not want to be there. Your hosts may also feel that you are ungrateful for the opportunity, which can be highly offensive. 


    Interviews are a part of your newfound fame. Never take advantage of them and do your best to provide the best experience for fans who will see it.