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    3 Ways For Indie Artists to Overcome Procrastination

    • 1 min read

    3 Ways For Indie Artists to Overcome Procrastination


    Let’s face it, we all procrastinate at some point or another. However, becoming a successful artist requires that you break this habit immediately. 

    While this is easier said than done, you must practice healthy work habits to prevent procrastination from getting the best of you.

    1. Remember your goals 

    Never lose sight of what you are working towards. Your dreams should be more than enough motivation to get things done. We realize that this can be difficult, especially if self-doubt sets in. However, you must find ways to push through. 

    2. Tackle tasks little by little

    So that you do not become overwhelmed, try tackling your to-do list in small steps. Set weekly goals for yourself. Accomplishing one task a week can help you get back into the groove. Looking at your overall to-do list can be fatiguing. Take baby steps towards getting things done. 

    3. Have an accountability partner 

    An accountability partner can be a friend, your manager, or anyone else on your team who can give you a nudge to get things done for your career. This should be a person who will text you close to deadlines and check your progress. They should also let you know which high-priority duties need to be done immediately. 

    Procrastination can have a detrimental effect on your career if you allow it to. Don’t let it overshadow all of your hard work.