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    3 Ways For Musician’s to Combat Depression In 2022

    • 2 min read

    3 Ways For Musician’s to Combat Depression In 2022


    Many musicians are plagued by depression at some point in their careers. Big Sean has spoken candidly about his mental health battles. Roddy Ricch recently shared that he fought with suicidal thoughts as well. With so much uncertainty surrounding the current state of the world and even the music industry, an artist can have a hard time coping. 

    Artists, particularly those who are still independent, are often hard workers who rarely take time to decompress. While we commend your work ethic, overworking yourself is unhealthy for your mental and physical health. Plus, it can fuel depression.

    Here are three ways to take care of your mental health this year while on your grind.

    Step Away From Social Media

    Take a few days to leave social media alone. We know that social media marketing is a necessary tool, but it can become overwhelming, especially if you already have feelings of self-doubt. 


    Talk to Someone

    Get these feelings off of your chest. Please do not keep them bottled inside. Speak to a therapist or a close confidant that you trust. Vent about your dreams and fears surrounding your music career and the things fueling these emotions. 


    Vent in Your Music

    Rod Wave is probably the best example in this generation of an artist who details their pain in music. However, this can work wonders for many musicians. The best music comes from a vulnerable place. Do not be afraid to leave it all in the studio. This can feel like a therapy session within itself, especially if you do not feel comfortable speaking face-to-face with someone.

    We understand that these three tips may do absolutely nothing to soothe your depression. However, if you begin to struggle with your mental health, these tips are worth trying.