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    3 Ways to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone As an Artist

    • 2 min read

    3 Ways to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone As an Artist


    As an artist, you've likely found your specific sound and stuck with it. Your fanbase is usually built around their love of your sound, which could make it quite scary to deter from that. Many musicians do not want to try new things that their core audience may not latch on to. However, switching up your style from time to time is important. It keeps your art fresh and unique while adding a layer of versatility. 


    We understand that this can be intimidating. That's why we've put together a list of three steps you can take to step outside of your creative comfort zone.

    1. Work With Different Producers

    Many artists who have found their trademark sound likely gravitate towards the same producers whenever they have a new project dropping. To help you craft a different sound, reach out to producers you would not typically work with. This will introduce you to different styles of beats and melodies that'll set your new album apart from your previous work. 

    2. Work With Different Artists

    If you are a rapper, most of your collaborations are likely with fellow rappers. But what if you laid down a track with an alternative singer? Or, maybe there is a guitarist who plays local clubs that you are fond of. Think of the magic you two could create together. While this may be something new for your fans to hear, as long as your skill set remains the same, most will appreciate this out-of-the-box mash-up.

    3. Visit Concerts Outside of Your Genre

    If you are an R&B singer, try visiting a rock concert, or maybe even a country show. This will expose you to a new collection of music and fans. While it can be a little awkward at first, this will familiarize you with a different genre that you can incorporate within your tunes in the future. 


    We know change can be scary, but every successful artist has experimented with their sound a time or two. While there is always the risk of this change being a miss among fans, be honest with your supporters about the forthcoming adjustments. You may not get it right the first time, so be open to receiving feedback from those who enjoy your art. 


    Best of luck to you!


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