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    4 Marketing Instagram Accounts That All Musicians Should Follow

    • 2 min read

    4 Marketing Instagram Accounts That All Musicians Should Follow


    Social media has expanded well beyond a pass time for boredom or means of keeping in touch with friends. Today, social networking sites possess a plethora of knowledge and means of making money. One popular type of social media account is those that offer marketing tips and hacks. These accounts are perfect for indie artists looking for everyday inspiration regarding how to operate and handle music releases. Below you’ll find our favorite Instagram accounts that offer top-tier marketing advice. 


    Digital Marketer

    Sporting over 200,000 followers, this profile is filled with some of the best marketing tips and tools. While it is not exclusively geared toward artists, the free advice can be helpful in your music career. 



    ​​If you’ve ever had to make your own posters, logo, or any sort of branding materials, then you are familiar with Canva. Their Instagram account is filled with content that can be used in the Canva program or implemented into your music marketing plan.



    What makes Marketing360 so great is that it tells you how to build your marketing strategy from scratch with its many hacks. This is great for artists who need a little inspiration on obtaining market their music on Instagram.



    LaterMedia is a unique profile that uses lively colors and bold fonts to make its content pop. Their entire social media presence is dedicated to showing creators how to improve their visual identity better. Indie artists can benefit from this profile because it shows how to structure their profiles to get the most engagement and traffic. 


    The beauty of these Instagram profiles is that they all offer free guidance to help artists reach their goals. All you have to do is hit that follow button next time you log into your Instagram.


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