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    4 Snapchat Marketing Tips Every Artist Should Be Using

    • 2 min read

    4 Snapchat Marketing Tips Every Artist Should Be Using


    In today's evolved social media world, Snapchat is often overlooked. However, they should not be ruled out when you are mapping out your music marketing plan. Let's review a few basic ways to use your Snapchat to push your songs and grow your fanbase. 


    Use Geofilters For Your Performances/Events 

    When you go to specific locations, different filters directly related to that location become available for you to use on Snap. Anyone can create one of these. However, it will take some work from a graphic artist to ensure you are getting the most out of them. Having a custom Geofilter for your performance or music release event is an excellent way for your guests to have a personalized experience and let people know where they are. 


    Put Your New Music In Snaps

    Musicians can get great results by simply making snaps previewing new records. This helps to create a buzz around the songs. If you are already in the recording studio, creating a quick Snap of that process will get your followers interested.


    Place Links In Your Snaps

    Anytime you post your music in your snaps, be sure to add a link to the Snap as well. This link should take users directly to your website or your artist profile on a streaming platform. Activating this feature will allow users to easily access your music from Snapchat without having to hunt for it. Best of all, this tool does not take much work. Once you upload your Snap, click the link button and paste the URL in the address bar.


    Snapchat Ads

    Pretty much every social media platform has advertising options. Snapchat is no exception and offers paid promotions that can spread your music to users who are not following you. Ads are engaging and displayed in a way that feels organic to those who come in contact with it. You can tailor your ads to meet your specific target audience and goals, ensuring the best results for your bucks.


    Use these four tips to help increase your fanbase on Snapchat and gain increased engagement on your content. While Snapchat may no longer be at the top of the popularity list, it is still a valuable platform that can help boost an artist's career.


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