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    4 Ways To Create Inexpensive Music Cover Art

    • 2 min read

    4 Ways To Create Inexpensive Music Cover Art


    Being an independent artist comes with a long list of finances that fall solely on the artist's shoulders. Having quality artwork created for your mixtape or single can run you anywhere from $300 to $2,000, depending on the artist and complexity of the design. In the event that you are running a little low on cash after funding your project and marketing, here are a few inexpensive artwork options that will represent your music well without breaking the bank.


    Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark offers a free and easy-to-use online cover maker. They make it simple to create a template, add an image, use different fonts, and other effects. You will need to make an account, but it only takes a second to do.



    Canva is one of the most popular options for creating dope cover art. They have a wide selection of pre-made customizable templates, or you may create your own from scratch. What makes this program unique is that it offers a mobile app, which allows you to create your artwork within minutes. 



    Mysellertop is top-rated on Fiverr for its music artwork services. Their Basic package starts at $55 for a front cover. Their Standard package includes Web Ready, Source File (PSD), Unlimited Revisions, and 3D MockUp for $80, which is a great deal. Their Premium package also includes these features and several others for $140. While not a free option, these artists certainly won't leave a massive dent in your pockets. 


    Poster My Wall

    This program offers an extensive library of templates for cover artwork and animated graphics. Many of these templates are customizable and can be downloaded for free if you're interested in a basic image. For higher quality, there is a fee, starting as low as $2.99 for certain templates. 


    These options are guaranteed to give you professional-looking music cover art while on a budget. Be sure to check either of them out when it is time to release your next single or album.


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