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    5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Songs on SoundCloud

    • 2 min read

    5 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Songs on SoundCloud

    If music is your passion, you will want to do all you can to ensure your songs do well. However, when you take your music passion as a business you will search all the nooks and crannies to promote your songs. You can follow these five steps to promote your songs on SoundCloud.  

    1. Have a music profile

    It is an excellent habit to start by having a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you are sure to be moved by every other plan out there. But as an artist, you should know that you are not to copy what others do. In fact, what makes a person successful can bring down your singing career.

    When drawing your plan, you should understand your fans and their habits. Check if they go to a club, do they want a low-key tribe, or want to hang out so much. There is a high chance that the way you like your music should be exactly how your fans will like theirs.

    Interact with your listeners to know what they like, also ask them how they found you; this way, you can understand what tickles them. Have a profile out there for your brand. Fill out all the necessary details you have on SoundCloud.

    1. Know your target market

    Are your target audience both online and onsite, or either of these? Once you know about this, you can, with their demographics, understand what they are looking for. There are many places to find more fans; YouTube and Reddit are good platforms you can draw fans from to SoundCloud.

    The way you build an online market is different from how you build an onsite market. Dissecting where more of your fans are is a step ahead on how to promote your songs.

    1. Collect data

    The best way to get this is to UPGRADE from a free account. Afterward, you can use the analytics to know what your fans are looking into. With this, you can also know how many times they listen to your songs. Getting a premium account offers you a lot of insight into your fan base and to know those who really listen to your songs.

    1. Use social media

    As soon as you prepare the contents for promotion, you can take it to social media to share. It doesn’t mean that you have to be on all social media platforms. With SoundCloud, you will be able to link to all your social media accounts. Use your socials to ask questions and get responses from your fans. Interact with them and allow them see your human side.

    1. Soundcloud marketing company

    It is effortless for you to get lost in the crowd of the many artists available worldwide. And trust me, your music can be perfect and yet get no traction. When people do not see your tracks playing, more counts and comments are down; listeners will likely not listen to your songs.

    You can buy plays in small increments on the SoundCloud Marketing company, and this can help your song do well. This way, the new traffic you get from social media can see moderate activity with your song. This way, fans will think your songs are growing organically, and they will follow you.