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    5 Topics That All Musicians Should Be Blogging About

    • 2 min read

    5 Topics That All Musicians Should Be Blogging About


    Having a music blog is a great way for your followers to get to know you better. While it may seem like a lot of work to provide additional content for your website on top of releasing music and running your social media platforms, releasing blogs or vlogs can take your supporters behind the scenes of your career. Let’s explore a few topics that every musician should be blogging about on their websites.


    Keep a Tour Diary

    Releasing a blog that documents your journey on the road is the type of content that music fans love to read about and see. Sharing aspects of touring, including living arrangements, your on-the-road diet, and setlist, are all great topics that your fans will tune in to.


    Lyric Breakdowns

    Every song tells a story, so do not be afraid to let your fans know what those stories are. If you are an artist who uses personal experiences in your music, providing a breakdown of your lyrics is a fantastic means of allowing people to know you and your creative process more. This is a popular topic for aspiring musicians who are looking for motivation.


    Document Your Inspirations

    After your lyric breakdown blog, consider taking your fans on a journey of the artists and music genres that stimulate you. List the specific songs that motivated you and how they motivated you. Or speak about fellow musicians who have helped to shape your career. You will find that your fans have similar tastes and influences. 


    Merchandise Updates

    If you are selling merchandise, it is vital to keep fans up-to-date on your latest releases. Give fans a sneak peek of the new band t-shirts that are arriving soon on your website. You may also debut new designs and ask for feedback in the comment section. Make sure that you provide links to the merchandise in the blog. If the merch is not yet available for purchase, give a pre-sale link.  


    Causes Important to You

    Never be afraid to use your platform to inform fans about matters that are close to your heart. For instance, if you have recently started a charity that benefits homeless musicians in your area, letting your fans know about this can help spread the word about your movement. Or, if you are gearing up to launch a beach clean-up, your fans would love to know about it. Who knows, they may even decide to come out and help, but you won’t know unless you document it.


    While it may be time-consuming, add a blog to your website. If you prefer to talk instead of typing, record videos on either of these topics and upload them to your YouTube channel. Your fans want to feel as if they know you personally. Don’t let them down.


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