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    5 Ways You Can Actually Make Money From Music

    • 2 min read

    5 Ways You Can Actually Make Money From Music

    There was a time when musicians did not control the songs they released, but today, it is a lot different. Thanks to technology and streaming sites. The songs can be controlled, but one of the biggest issues they face is how to make money from music.

    Making money as an artist can be enough motivation to give more time to your craft. And then spur you to become more creative.

    1. CD’s

    Yes, do not think that CDs are dead and can no longer be a way to make money from music. Although their sales have dropped drastically over the years, yet they are still a good source of revenue for musicians in all music genres. And yes, if you are playing in any live show, having your CDs available for sale is a very good way for you to make good sales and generate revenue.

    You can get some resources online to sell your CDs at CD baby disc duplication and on Bandzoogle.

    2. Vinyl

    The digital music age has continuously made Vinyl sales to continue to rise. This goes on to say that music fans will always want something to feel after they purchase your music. Before you get started to sending vinyl to your fans, ensure you factor the costs of making and shipping it to them; you can make a fortune from selling yours hence making money from music.


    Music downloads are experiencing the same fate as CDs. With the more music streaming platforms, the lower the need to download. This is the reason why downloads are currently reducing by the day. Yet it is still a good source of income for artists.

    To earn from downloads, ensure that you sell directly to your fans through your website. The good thing about downloads is the fact that you get to sell your product and also collect their emails; you can send them new mails when you have a new song or a promo for download.

    4. Streaming

    Streaming is the new goldmine for music, but artists will usually complain because of the stipends paid out by streaming platforms. But truth be told, they can all add up if you produce more songs to make up a reasonable amount of money.

    Putting your music on streaming platforms will help you grow your publicity. So it is a win-win. You get to earn money from streaming and also get to get known by thousands of music listeners on the platform.

    5. Live Shows

    This is one of the best ways to make money as an artist. Live shows are known to have generated 25% of revenue for independent artists. You have to be smart in choosing your venues for live shows so you don’t end up making losses from the show. With live events, you can sell your CDs too.


    There are lots of ways you can make money with your music, all you need is to focus on each of these methods and do it perfectly. Also, you may have to make a blend of all these methods to get a lot more money from your music.