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    6 Tips For Becoming a Successful DJ

    • 2 min read

    6 Tips For Becoming a Successful DJ


    Being in the music industry can be more than just being a musician. DJs are essential to music and are credited with kicking off the party and producing outstanding records. However, it is difficult to break into the profession. You must be skilled in your field and proficient at networking. Today, we’ll take a look at several tips on how to not only become a DJ but to thrive as one.


    Decide What Type of DJ You Want to Be

    There are five types of DJs: Event, Club, Radio, Turntablist, and Producer. You must decide which one you are best at. For instance, an Event DJ specializes in weddings, parties, etc. This differs significantly from a Producer DJ, who makes music for artists and often adlibs on the songs. DJ Drama and DJ Khaled are both examples of Producer DJs. 


    Identify What Type of DJ Equipment You Need

    Once you decide what type of DJ you are, you will need to identify the type of equipment you need. As an Event DJ, you will need speakers, lights, turntables, microphones, headphones, laptops, and stands. Luckily for Radio DJs, most radio stations will provide this to you, while other DJs will be responsible for their own equipment.


    Choosing DJ Software

    Today, most DJs use their laptops loaded with proper software for everything, despite what type of DJ they are. Luckily, many of these programs are cost-efficient. Consider Serato, which offers a wide selection of software that allows sampling and music production. Mixxx is also an excellent program for beginners. 


    Networking With Other DJs and Artists

    You will need to network with other DJs and local musicians in your area. Most established DJs are willing to mentor those looking to get into the field, while artists are always looking for new DJs for projects or events, especially if they do not have a full-time DJ of their own. 


    Learn How to Mix

    All great DJs know how to mix and blend records well. This entails transitioning seamlessly from one track to another. Software such as Serato can teach you how to do this, as well as YouTube tutorials. 

    Mixing well requires mastering beatmatching, which is matching the beats of two songs such that they blend flawlessly. This is usually accomplished by comparing the BPMs of both tracks, locating the start of the beat, and playing the one you want to match at the appropriate time. It may appear complicated at first, but practice makes perfect.


    Join DJ Forums

    DJ forums are excellent places to connect with other DJs and pick their brains regarding the best equipment, DJing gigs, and skill improvement. Start with Serato Forums and Virtual DJ Forums.


    The journey to being a DJ can be a rewarding one, but like any musical endeavor, it will take a good amount of work to be the best. Thankfully, YouTube and Google contain a plethora of good information that will be useful to your career. 


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