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    A Few Things To Consider When Using Your IG Profile To Promote Companies

    • 3 min read

    A Few Things To Consider When Using Your IG Profile To Promote Companies


    Once you amass a large quantity of Instagram followers, several exclusive monetization features are made available to you, including Badges, which we talked about in a recent article. 


    If you are an avid IG user, you have seen people with large followings promoting goods and services on their profiles. This is known as “influencer marketing,” and many companies are using this vital marketing method. Most importantly, businesses are shelling out big bucks to have someone popular advertising their products. 


    You do not necessarily have to be an “influencer” to take advantage of these types of brand deals. Musicians can cash in on this as long as they have a good number of online supporters. Today, let’s review a few things that you can do to attract paid promotional opportunities on Instagram.


    Have Real Followers

    Most brands who are looking to collab will want to see analytics. This includes not only your follower count but the engagement of those followers. If you have purchased fake follows or bots, then this is humiliatingly obvious. Most bots will write the same comment over and over again on all of your posts. 


    Also, the number of likes and comments you receive on your posts should coincide with your number of followers. Now granted, the IG algorithm only allows a portion of your followers to see your content. However, if you post during your peak times, you should still bring in impressive likes and comments. 


    Have Strong Analytics

    As previously mentioned, many companies will want to see how your followers interact with you regularly. Remember, the company is using you to reach your fans, so a lack of comments, likes, and shares will turn any company off. 


    Create a press kit that shows your engagement and follower increase across. It should be easy to read and contain only necessary information about your social media presence.


    Post Quality Content

    To gain a big enough following to make this an option, you must post quality content on your Instagram account. Make sure that your photos and videos are clear. Also, learn your audience. Figure out the type of content they engage with the most and post more of it. This will show brands that you are in touch with your following and know how to deliver content that your fans want to see successfully. Since we are talking specifically to artists looking to tap into this income stream, quality content could include images inside the recording studio, freestyle videos, music challenge videos, etc. 


    Make Sure You Know What’s Expected

    Before you sign on to promote a company on your Instagram, be sure that you know what they need from you. Are they looking to sell a specific new hoodie or just drive traffic to their page? You will need to understand this so that you know what type of content to create for them.


    If you are a rapper and a company wants you to promote an anti-rap conference, your followers will probably not engage with your promotional posts about such an event. Keep this in mind when accepting these sorts of collaborations. It can save everyone some time and money in the long run.



    If you want to put your followers to good use, then influencer marketing is a great way to make some money and solidify great business relationships. Implement these techniques and begin making money soon. Good luck!


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