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    All Artists Should Join Patreon, Here's Why

    • 2 min read

    All Artists Should Join Patreon, Here's Why


    If you've been following Viral Media Boost for a while, then you know we are all about artists getting paid for their music. Today, we'll explore yet another stream of revenue that all artists should tap into, which is Patreon.


    For those unfamiliar with Patreon, it is a membership platform that allows artists and creators to charge their fans a monthly fee to access their content. This service has several perks for artists that can help to get them paid.


    Steady Monthly Revenue

    The obvious reason for joining Patreon is the monthly income. This platform gives artists yet another way to make money off of their music. You can create different tiers and price them to your liking, with the more expensive levels featuring the most exclusive content. For instance, your highest tier could feature a new single every month or a new music video monthly. In contrast, your lesser tier may feature behind-the-scenes footage of the video without the finished product. 


    You will need to give your subscribers a reason to opt for the higher-priced tier. So be sure that your content differs in each tier and is exclusive. Your fans are less likely to pay for the content you post on your free social media platforms.


    You Have Full Control 

    While YouTube is great, some censorship takes place. Patreon gives artists a little more flexibility to use profanity, endorse the brands they want, and much more. You can also post as much or as little content as you want. Just remember that people are paying for your content, so we recommend a steady flow of posts to give subscribers their money's worth.


    Interact With Your Subscribers 

    Your Patreon is a different experience than your regular social media pages. Your subscribers feel like they're in an exclusive club with you reserved for only the coolest fans. As an artist, it is your job to make sure this feeling never fades. Interact with your subscribers, ask them for post suggestions, shout them out in your posts, hold questionnaires and publish the answers in the lowest tier so that everyone can access them. With your fanbase showing love to you by paying a monthly fee for your content, make sure that they know they are appreciated.


    With any initiative or bid to get people interested in your art, you will need to do the digital groundwork to gain subscribers on your Patreon. However, it can certainly be done by implementing a day-to-day marketing strategy. Head over to now to get started.



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