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    All Indie Artists Should Add Tip Jars to Their Websites

    • 2 min read

    All Indie Artists Should Add Tip Jars to Their Websites


    In our previous blog about smart links, we briefly mentioned that Linktree offers a tip jar feature. Today, we'll go over this function, which can be incorporated into various other websites, and why you should be using it.


    The tip jar feature is a great way to bring in some extra money directly from your fans who want to compensate you simply for being talented. While some may see this increasingly popular tool as a form of soliciting, many see that the tip jar can come in handy for artists who are having a hard time booking gigs during the pandemic.


    Be Strategic With Your Tip Jar Placement

    When adding a tip jar to your website, you will need to know where to place the feature to make the best impression. You will not need to add a tip jar to every page on the site but think about the page to which you are most likely to direct your fans. When you are calling for your fans to visit your website, is it mainly for new music or performance updates? Your most visited page is where the tip jar should be placed.


    Promote Your Tip Jar

    Don't be afraid to promote your tip jar to your fans. Let your social media followers know about your tip jar, or include it on your marketing materials for upcoming live-streamed performances and Q&As. If you are using newsletters, make sure you add a link to your tip jar there as well. Your fans are already supportive of your music, so there is a good chance that they will be willing to donate to you if they have the means. 


    However, don't force your tip jar on your fans. Then it will come off as if you are constantly begging for money. This can be a tremendous turn-off for supporters.


    Use Tip Jars During Performances

    During your performance, a great way to get tips is to Livestream your show and offer the tip jar option during the Livestream. Be sure to shout out your supporters during the performance to let them know that you appreciate the tips. 


    Your tip jar can undoubtedly help all musicians, especially indie artists, during these uncertain times. 


    Incorporate this tool and let us know how it goes.


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