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    All Musicians Should Be Performing at Open-Mic Nights

    • 2 min read

    All Musicians Should Be Performing at Open-Mic Nights


    While we focus a lot on digital marketing and social media, it is crucial for artists to get out there and interact with the public. A great way to do this is through open-mic events in your area.


    Usually, with open-mic shows, the venue allows any artist to pay a small fee and gives them a time slot to perform. Music lovers of all genres come out to these venues to experience indie artists, which is an excellent way to accumulate new fans. It's also a great way to get a concert experience. Let's explore the pros and cons of this performance tool.


    Pros of Performing at Open-Mics

    • You will become more confident with your stage presence
    • You will get in-person feedback on your new music
    • You will interact with music fans on a personal level
    • It gives you the opportunity to perform frequently
    • It allows you to collaborate with other indie artists


    Cons of Performing at Open-Mics

    • It may not be the "industry plug" that you're looking for
      • Many open-mics are local events, so it is not guaranteed that music execs will be in attendance. However, there are open-mic-style events hosted by record labels in bigger cities, such as Atlanta and Los Angeles. The best way to stay in the loop with these types of events is to follow music event pages, and record labels on social media


    Preparing for Your Open-Mic Debut

    • Create a set lit at least a week in advance
    • Practice your set list transitions
    • Rally your open-mic team 
      • Your DJ, guitarist, drummer, or anyone else who will join you on stage for your performance
    • Promote your performance on social media platforms, website, and email contact list
    • Ask your friends and fellow artists to promote your performance
    • Have merch ready and with you at open-mic night
      • This can include freebies as well


    Most indie artists are not selling out major arenas right away, and that's perfectly fine. Playing open-mic nights and local gigs is the perfect practice before reaching superstardom. Connect with Facebook groups, Instagram pages, and Eventbrite listings that advertise open-mic nights in your area. Challenge yourself to play at least two a month.


    Let us know how it goes!


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