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    Are Talent Shows Still Relevant? Let's Plan One!

    • 3 min read

    Are Talent Shows Still Relevant? Let's Plan One!


    Back in the day, talent shows were the go-to places to get noticed in the music industry. A famous example of this is singer Rihanna, who won a talent competition in 2004 at her school, which helped jump-start her career. In 2001, Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls participated in the talent show Popstar with the group Eden's Crush. However, talent shows don't appear to be as popular as they once were in today's world. The local talent shows have been replaced with star-studded alternatives that are harder to enter, such as American Idol and The Voice.


    But what if you had the urge and clout within your community to throw one of these nostalgic feeling events? Do you feel you know enough independent artists to throw a complete showcase where everyone can display their best talents? If you believe you do, let's explore a few tips for pulling off a local talent show.


    Attract the Talent

    Before you embark on this journey, you'll need to figure out how to attract talented people to participate. Consider this:

    • Where do talented people in your area congregate?
      • Promote your talent show in or near open-mic events, art shows, or pretty much anywhere where creators are likely to be.
    • What are the prizes that people can win by entering your talent show?
      • You'll need to make the prizes worth participants wild. Make sure that you can fund cash prizes of no less than $500 to $1,000.


    Market Your Show

    You'll need to market your show just like any other concert of yours. Using social media, flyers, word of mouth, and influencer promotion will be your best bet in having a good turnout. Focus heavily on the music and arts community with your promotional efforts. For example, you'll probably not want to use a makeup influencer to promote your local talent show. Focus on local radio DJs, poets, painters, musicians, etc.


    Determine Costs

    Make a realistic budget for how you will pull off your talent show. Consider the venue, the prize money you'll need to raise, marketing costs, lighting, sound, salaries for those working the event, and any other aspect that would make for a successful show. 


    To offset costs, sell tickets to the talent show. Make them reasonably priced so that people will be eager to buy them and make sure that you can profit from your investment. $10 to $20 is a comfortable price point for your tickets. You can also charge creators to be a part of the talent show by charging an entry fee. This should also be a small price, but more than what the attendees will pay. No more than $50 to $75 to perform and ensure that their technical needs are covered in this cost. 


    Invite Well-Connected Contacts

    Whatever well-connected connections that you have, use them for your talent show. Connect with record label execs, event curators, art studio owners, DJs, party promoters, or anyone else beneficial to your acts and invite them to the show. It is no guarantee that they will show up, but extend the invitation any time you put on a talent show.


    Plan the Flow Of Your Talent Show

    You'll need to outline how much time is allotted for each act to perform. This guarantees that the show runs smoothly. If you have 20 acts performing, give each of them a ten-minute set. While this may sound minimal, it is enough to perform a song, a dance routine, or play an instrument. 


    Talent shows may be an old-school practice, but there is no reason why they cannot make a comeback. The same effort you put into your own performances, try putting that into a showcase for artists in your community. Not only will this create a safe space for artists to share their talents, but it will also build relationships between you and other creators. 


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