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    Artist Turned Published Author? Things to Consider Before Publishing Your First Book

    • 3 min read

    Artist Turned Published Author? Things to Consider Before Publishing Your First Book


    Many musicians are great writers by nature, which is why many of them opt to write their own books. The topics vary greatly. Some musicians drop books about what it takes to be a great songwriter. In contrast, others feel that their musical journeys are compelling enough for an autobiography. 


    Artists are accustomed to the process of releasing songs but do not realize that publishing a book differs significantly.


    Below, we'll go over a checklist of things you need to do to get your book published.


    Choose a Topic

    Before even toying around with the idea of writing a book, you must come up with a concept. It should be something that you are knowledgeable about already. Writing a how-to guide about the importance of album marketing when that isn't your strong suit will likely make for a horrible text. 


    Your topic should also be exciting and specific. Instead of writing a book about songwriting, consider making it genre-specific (hip-hop songwriting, gospel songwriting, etc.).


    Self Publishing or Publishing Company

    As the writer, it will be up to you to decide if you will self-publish or pitch your book to a publishing company. There are pros and cons to either method, which is why doing your research is essential. However, the main difference between the two is that self-publishing means you are responsible for 100% of your book's creation, formatting, and publishing, instead of working with a publishing company, which takes your story and publishes it for you, doing most of the leg work. Many new writers prefer to self-publish because they keep all their money instead of splitting it with a company. Also, Amazon has made self-publishing more accessible than ever.


    Neither decision is the wrong one, but you must decide which choice is best for your situation.


    Writing Alone or Using a Co-Author

    Are you writing the entire book by yourself, or will you be using a co-author? This is another of those decisions that you will need to make based on your circumstances and the amount of time you have. While a co-author can assist you with writing and bringing the book together, keep in mind that they are part-owner of the book and should be paid accordingly.


    Hire an Editor

    After you've written your coming-of-age garage band novel or strategy book on starting a music label, hire someone to edit your work. Fiverr has a long list of editors with years of experience that you can choose from. They will ensure that your work is flawless and free of errors before you release it to the world.


    Find a Marketing Strategy

    Just as you would find music blogs to do a write-up about your songs, you'd do the same with your book, but you'd look for blogs, publications, and media geared towards literature. Since your book is based on music in some fashion, music blogs and media outlets may be interested. Google and social media ads and book reviewers on YouTube are all great ways to market your book. Use the same tools you use to promote your music. Just tweak them a bit. 


    Choose a Unique Title

    Your title needs to be compelling and unique. Make your reader want to read all about your musical journey. Once you come up with one, search for it on Google to guarantee that no one has used it yet. 


    Design a Captivating Cover

    Your book cover should be eye-catching and vibrant. It should let the reader want to know more. The words in the title are great but add some graphics to make your book stand out. Splurge on a graphic artist to construct the front and back cover of your book.


    As a musician, you likely have a treasure trove of knowledge that people would love to read about, especially other rising artists. Use a few of the tips listed above to publish your first book and tell us all about your experience. 


    Best of luck!


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