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    Attract a Record Label With These 3 Development Steps

    • 1 min read

    Attract a Record Label With These 3 Development Steps


    In today’s music industry, artist development is not as heavily regarded as it once was. Labels are not putting the same resources into development because they feel that this is something musicians can now do on their own. 

    If you are looking to catch the eye of a record label, you’ll need to make yourself more attractive so that music companies want to invest in you. Here are three ways to do so.

    Grow Your Social Media Following

    While talent should be the only factor that labels care about, a large social media following is impressive to some record companies in this day and age. It shows that you have a large number of already established supporters.

    Tweak Your Image

    You’ll need to clean up your image a bit. Consider investing in some new clothes, shoes, quality makeup, photographer, or whatever else you need to look good. Also, take quality pictures, pop out at events, perform as many gigs as possible, etc. It would be best to look booked and busy with the drip to match.

    Get Professional Training

    Take vocal lessons, hire a professional choreographer, do whatever you need to do to perfect your craft. Never feel like you are above learning something new. 

    While this may seem overwhelming, it is essential for your career. Unfortunately, this is not the old days. You will need to put in more effort if you want labels to come knocking.