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    Ballin’ On a Budget: Tips For Shooting A Music Video By Yourself 

    • 2 min read

    Ballin’ On a Budget: Tips For Shooting A Music Video By Yourself 


    Music videos are one of the costliest expenses that an independent artist will have. With most indie musicians footing the bill for every aspect of their career, it does not take long for funds to run low. Here are a few tips for independently shooting your music videos while on a budget.


    Identify Your Space

    Shooting videos by yourself will take some improvising. You will need to identify a space that you can openly shoot in for little to no cost. The most cost-efficient location would likely be your home. However, you will still need to determine which room in the home offers the best lighting, and if none of them do, you’ll have to figure out a decent lighting alternative. A quick Amazon search will yield pretty inexpensive ring lights and starter lighting kits.


    Shoot The Entire Video In One location

    Whether you shoot your music video in your house or outside, remaining in one location can make for a smooth shoot. Staying in one spot can cut down tremendously on transporting equipment and spending unnecessary money to present a different scenery. While this may sound bland for a music video, you can get creative and find clips on the internet to add to your video for effects.


    Be Camera Savvy

    While you do not have to be a professional videographer or have the most sophisticated cameras on the market, you need to know how to work it properly. Knowing how to use different effects, lenses and settings can be helpful with the clarity of the video and prevent your visual from appearing too amateurish. 


    Aside from knowing your way around the camera, it will also help if you play around with placing your camera at different angles so that when it is time to film the video, you are getting the most out of your space and lighting. 


    Download Free Video Editing Software

    Before you shoot your visual, you will need to identify movie editing software, especially if you have no plans of hiring a professional editor. Lightworks, VideoPad, HitFilm Express, and DaVinci Resolve are options for beginner-friendly video editing software. Plus, they’re all free. 


    Shooting a visual for your music entirely on your own is a lot of work, but it certainly can be done. With a little bit of skill and a lot of patience, you can become a one-man music video production powerhouse.


    Give it a shot, and let us know how it goes. 


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