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    Basic Must-Do Steps To Promote Your Upcoming Show

    • 2 min read

    Basic Must-Do Steps To Promote Your Upcoming Show


    Performing is your shining moment to showcase your talents in front of your fans and peers. Getting people to attend is a vital task in addition to putting on the concert itself. Assuming that you already have your venue and date locked in, let's review a few basic ways to best promote your show to get the best turnout.


    Use Your Social Media 

    While this should be common sense, some artists still seem to neglect their social media platforms when promoting their upcoming events. Begin sharing the flyer months ahead of your show if possible to give your followers plenty of notice. 


    Use social media ads with targeted demographics to push your shows to people who may not be following you.


    Add Another Artist To The Concert

    Network with other artists in your area who have a larger following. Ask if they would perform at your show to maximize attendees. Once you have them on board, make sure that they promote on their social media platforms and to their friend group.


    Promote Outside Social Media

    Flyers still matter. Hang flyers around your city and pass them out during other events in your area. Try and place your flyers near other music venues. For example, if there's a concert arena in your town that hosts music events regularly, music fans are often in the area. Placing flyers nearby can catch people's attention. Also, ask local businesses if you can hang flyers in their establishments. 


    Incentivize Your Show

    People love free stuff. Adding a pre-performance raffle or complimentary goodie bags can motivate people to come out. Give each attendee a ticket as they enter, and randomly selecting numbers to win free merch or free access to another concert is a great way to incentivize your show. If you have the budget to do so, making 10-15 gift bags with merch and handing those out to the early-bird attendees is a great way to show people your appreciation for them attending and motivate them to attend future performances. Make sure you include that giveaways are taking place in your social media posts and on your flyers.


    Use Your Connections

    If you are plugged in with local DJs, artists, radio hosts, etc., reach out to them and ask them to promote your show on their platforms. 


    You will need to do everything in your power to make your show a success. Do not wait until the last minute to begin implementing these steps. As soon as you secure a venue, date, and time, you should begin promoting. It is never too early, but you must push your show aggressively if you want a good outcome. 


    Best of luck to you!


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