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    Behind-the-Scene Content That All Artists Should Be Sharing

    • 2 min read

    Behind-the-Scene Content That All Artists Should Be Sharing


    As an artist, it is your job to keep your fan base intrigued. You may do this by not only sharing your latest records but also posting interesting behind-the-scenes (BTS) content. Posting these types of videos to your YouTube channel and Instagram will allow your followers to have a peek into your world. 


    Let’s go over several types of BTS content that every musician should be sharing.


    Music Video Shoots

    Artists should always post BTS images of their video shoots. This shows fans that a new visual is on the way and what goes into creating a video.


    Studio Sessions

    Nearly all fans will enjoy seeing their favorite artist inside the studio, working on new tunes. Footage of yourself recording in the booth or collaborating with a producer on new beats are great ways to keep your fans from going stir crazy as they await your music. 


    Story Times

    Popular on YouTube, storytime videos are a great way to let your followers into your life. Storytime videos can be about anything you are comfortable sharing. For instance, an artist can share the details surrounding their worst performance or a time when they were booed off the stage. This type of content makes the artist more relatable.


    Social Media Challenges

    In the TikTok era, social media challenges are a favorite pastime. Try your hand at the latest challenge, and be sure to post footage of yourself doing it across your platforms. You want to be sure that you are also using the correct hashtags to increase your visibility.



    If your followers cannot make it to your concert, the next best thing is footage from the show. Make sure that you have someone recording you while on stage and backstage so that fans see the performance and the aftermath.


    Merch Inventory

    If you have merchandise, a great BTS concept is the unboxing of these items. Show your fans the new band t-shirts, hats, and pins that will be available for purchase on your online store. 



    In today’s world, fans want to feel as if they know their favs personally. Behind-the-scenes footage can provide them with this feeling and keep them engaged with you even when you are not releasing new music. Be sure that you are staying up to date on his type of content. Consistency is key.


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