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    Best Companies to Manufacture Your Artist Merch

    • 1 min read

    Best Companies to Manufacture Your Artist Merch


    We have previously expressed the importance of artists offering merch. Most artists provide t-shirts, keychains, hats, bags, and cups in their merch store. However, many artists do not know where to purchase these custom goods from.

    Here are three companies that manufacture merch to consider for your next event or artist website. 

    Big Frog

    Big Frog offers primarily custom clothing options, so if you only want to provide t-shirts and hats in your merch line, then this is perfect for you. Even better, they offer several different shirt printing options, depending on the level of quality you’d like to have.

    Discount Mugs

    Discount Mugs offers a massive variety of customizable items, including clothing, masks, hand sanitizers, glassware, bags, phone chargers, and much more. With such a large selection, they have merch items available for every budget.

    Custom Ink

    Similar to Discount Mugs, Custom Ink offers a pretty wide collection of customizable items for your merch store. What makes this company even more unique is that they have a fundraising package that can tailor your merch to any charity initiative you may have. 

    Merch is extremely important during events, concerts, or just in your artist store. Make sure you invest in quality items that your fans can purchase as another means of supporting you.