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    Best SoundCloud Promotion Services To Increase Your Listenership

    • 1 min read

    Best SoundCloud Promotion Services To Increase Your Listenership


    SoundCloud is a gold mine for independent musicians. Getting your music heard on SoundCloud can be difficult, which is why we've compiled a list of some excellent SoundCloud promoters who will ensure that thousands hear your songs.


    Fiverr - Soundonfire

    Soundonfire reposts your record to thousands of listeners. Starting at just $50 for the basic package, your record is shared with over 50,000 real users. Their audience consists of artists, producers, record labels, managers, and music fans who are always on the prowl for new tunes.


    Fiverr - Artistway_pro 

    This promoter broadcasts your music to their massive email network via a newsletter, which starts at just $10 for their base tier. This allows you to get actual traffic from music channels, labels, and their fans.


    Fiverr - Touryzal23

    This Fiverr seller offers both YouTube music promotion as well as SoundCloud promo as part of their packages. For $60, they will post your music to their 1 million SoundCloud listeners and 330k YouTube subscribers. 


    Fiverr - Realglinton

    This seller also sends your music to their email list, which includes 15k authentic users. Unlike the other sellers, they offer EP packages. For instance, you can spend $70, and they will promote 4-7 tracks at once. 


    In addition to being affordable, it is important to note that each of these sellers has near-perfect ratings on Fiverr with the reviews to back it up. Consider them when it is time to promote your forthcoming music. 


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