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    Best Vistaprint Marketing Products For Artists

    • 2 min read

    Best Vistaprint Marketing Products For Artists


    As an artist, your marketing is critical. As you know, this can become costly. However, Vistaprint is a one-stop shop where you can easily design marketing materials such as business cards, posters, and even artist merch.


    Let’s review a few of the best marketing materials that Vistaprint has to offer for indie artists on a budget.


    Make Custom Merch

    Vistaprint offers a wide range of customizable clothing, bags, hats, and pretty much any other type of garment that you can think of to provide your fans. They offer fast shipping options so that you will have your merch in time for your forthcoming show or music rollout. Even better, Vistaprint will redo your merchandise as a courtesy if you are not happy with the quality.


    Make Custom Signs & Banners

    Vistaprint’s custom banners, flyers, and even pop-up displays make it super easy for artists who need these types of marketing materials for concerts. They offer templates that can be quickly customized and printed, or you can create a design from scratch. 


    Make Giveaway Merch

    Fans love free things, and Vistaprint offers many low-cost goods that you can customize and give away. These are a great way to show your supporters that you appreciate them without breaking your pockets. Great giveaway merchandise could be coasters, posters, pens, calendars, magnets, keychains, puzzles, and notepads. Vistaprint offers all of these options.


    Make Business Cards

    Vistaprint has always been most widely known for making business cards. While it has expanded its offering, its business cards are still in high demand. Many people have moved away from business cards. However, having a few on hand won’t hurt if you are going to a networking event. Vistaprint has made business cards inexpensive, starting at only $17.99 for 100 cards. 


    If you don’t know where to get marketing materials from for your upcoming show or meet and greet, consider Vistaprint for these needs. They offer quality and affordability. You will not be disappointed.


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