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    Black Friday for Musicians; How Can You Make Money?

    • 1 min read

    Black Friday for Musicians; How Can You Make Money?


    As we all know, the annual Black Friday celebration will commence the day after Thanksgiving. It is the designated day for some of the biggest bargains and deals on a host of things, including electronics, clothing, and even vehicles. Virtually anyone who owns any e-commerce or retail business will have great sales going on that day. 


    So how can artists get in on the annual shoppers holiday? Well, it depends on what you have for sale if anything. However, if you offer goods and services outside of your music, there are several deals that you can provide to people who are in the mood to spend money.


    Below, you’ll find a list of ways that musicians can partake in Black Friday.


    1. Sell NFT’s at a discounted rate
    2. Offering a free song with the purchase of your mixtape 
    3. Charge half price for features 
    4. Charge half price for promotional posts on your social media
    5. Offer discounted concert tickets
    6. Offer discounted merch
    7. Offer discounted music lessons
    8. Offer discounted beat packs


    We know that Black Friday is not necessarily made for artists, but that does not mean that you cannot capitalize off of a day that is literally meant for spending money. Consider offering any of your services for a discounted price this Friday. You might just make some extra cash.



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