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    Boost Your Music Career With Podcast Marketing; Here's Why

    • 1 min read

    Boost Your Music Career With Podcast Marketing; Here's Why


    Podcasts have become the new norm in the world of digital entertainment. These days, there are podcasts centered around just about everything you can think of. Music is always a popular talking point for many shows, which is why artists should be marketing their music on podcasts. Here are a few reasons you should look into placing your music on several podcasts.


    Audience Engagement 

    Studies have shown that podcast listeners have significant engagement rates. According to a neuromarketing study published in 2019, branded podcasts were more effective in generating engagement than radio. This means that people are likely to engage with your music after hearing your ad on a podcast. 


    Zero Ad Blockers

    Another significant benefit of podcast marketing is that there are virtually no ad blockers. While a few podcast ad-blocking programs are available, their popularity pales in comparison to the widespread use of ad blockers on other platforms. Therefore, your music ad can be incorporated into the podcast without people stopping the advertisement.


    Cross Promotion

    The obvious benefit of podcast marketing is the opportunity to market to a new audience. Introduce your music to the already established fanbase of the show and watch your streams and social media following increase.


    As podcasts grow in popularity, do not ignore this fantastic means of marketing. Connect with a popular podcast and let us know your results!



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