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    Can’t Perform at a Music Festival? Become a Vendor at One!

    • 3 min read

    Can’t Perform at a Music Festival? Become a Vendor at One!


    Music festivals have returned, and every major artist is cashing in on them. Even smaller artists have been able to wiggle their way onto the lineup in many of these concerts. However, for some artists, performing may be a bit out of reach at the moment. It could be for financial reasons or lack of clout. While this may be discouraging, there are ways for an artist to still participate in the festivities and market themselves to festival-goers. Becoming a vendor during these events is a great way to be present during the concert and introduce yourself to thousands of potential fans.


    Let’s explore several ways to become a vendor at a music festival and several items you’ll want to include in your exhibitor set-up.


    Choose the Festival 

    You’ll need to choose the festival you are interested in. You will need to contact the organizers to obtain vendor pricing and everything covered in the price. Is electricity included? Are tables included? Is any marketing on the events website or social media included? These are all questions you will need to ask.


    Also, determine the location. Is it nearby, or will you need to travel? This will determine how much merchandise you can bring with you. Be sure that you know if the event is indoors or outdoors to get a good idea of what type of merchandise to bring and whether or not you need to take extra supplies to protect against weather conditions.   


    Pay Promptly

    Once you are sure that you want to be a vendor at the festival, pay your fees as soon as possible. Many businesses and artists are looking to be a vendor so if you wait too long, you could lose your vending space. 


    Maximize Your Vendor Exhibit

    What do you want festival-goers to know about you and your music? How will you make them a fan of yours? These are things you need to consider before purchasing the merchandise you will have in your vending area. 


    Since fans are not there to see you necessarily, you will need to put in extra effort to attract them. Having cards on your table that contain QR Codes linked to your music is an excellent way for people to be introduced to your catalog quickly. Have your music playing on an iPad or laptop so that visitors to your exhibit can hear your songs and see the titles as they play. 


    You can indeed have band t-shirts, hats, and other merch for sale. However, offer an assortment of freebies such as keychains, cups, and pens with your stage name printed on them. Vistaprint can assist with items such as these for a low cost. 


    Arrive On Time

    Most festivals will want vendors to arrive hours before the gates open. Be on time for the designated set-up time. You do not want to be trying to get your tables and tent put up as eager fans are coming in. Give yourself enough time to make your vending area impressive and eye-catching.



    Accept Cash & Cards

    Make sure that you have a means of payment at your vending table. Square offers free card readers that can be easily connected to your phone or computer. Also, have a good stock of change and dollar bills to provide change to buyers. Failing to do so could result in a loss of sales. 


    Market Yourself Beforehand

    As with your music, visuals, and other endeavors, promote your vending exhibit on social media weeks or months before the festival. Let your fans know that you will be at the festival and what items you will have for sale, as well as freebies. If possible, contact other vendors and cross-promote with them.


    While this may not be the year you make your festival stage debut, you can undoubtedly make your presence as an artist known at the event. With each hand you shake or festival-goer you interact with, be sure to let them know about upcoming shows and a brief overview of yourself as an artist. Music festivals are the gathering grounds for music lovers from all walks of life. Be sure to capitalize off of this. 


    Good luck!


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