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    Checklist For Artists Performing at South by Southwest

    • 2 min read

    Checklist For Artists Performing At South by Southwest


    South by Southwest is quickly approaching. Major and independent artists from all over are gearing up to descend on Austin, Texas, for the big event taking place between March 14th and March 20th. 

    The music festival is an excellent way for artists to get their big break, so it is imperative that they are prepared to put on the best set possible. Below, you’ll find a checklist for all musicians performing at SXSW to ensure the best experience. 


    1. Make sure you have your performance outfit
    2. Double-check all travel accommodations
    3. Verify who is coming with you
      1. You’ll need to conduct a headcount of who will be joining you at the festival (background singers, background dancers, DJ, photographer, manager, etc.)
      2. Make sure that your guests arrive with you on time.
    4. Research media outlets who will be at SXSW and connect with them
      1. If you are an indie artist, it may be a good idea to find indie media platforms covering the event and reach out on social media. Let them know you will be there to guarantee post or pre-performance interviews.
    5. Promote your upcoming performance on social media
    6. Connect with other artists who will be performing to help you network before and after the festival
    7. Go over your setlist.
    8. Rehearse
    9. Practice breathing techniques
    10. Make sure your merch is adequately packaged and ready to travel with you.
      1. Also, designate one person to be in charge of merch.
    11. Double-check arrival times and performance times
    12. Review footage of past SXSW stages and performances 

    Good luck to every act who will perform at this life-changing festival. Learn as much as you can, and most importantly, have fun. Send us your SXSW footage!