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    Dope Facebook Groups For Artists Looking to Share Their Music

    • 2 min read

    Dope Facebook Groups For Artists Looking to Share Their Music


    As an artist, especially one who is independent, cross-sharing your music with fellow musicians is an excellent way to boost your streams and connect for future collaborations. Facebook offers hundreds of music-sharing groups to do just this. Here are a few of the best ones out there that all artists should join ASAP.


    Music Launch Hub

    Music Launch Hub is an exceptional group for artists from all over the world. MLH has a strict promotion policy that allows only members of the group to advertise themselves or their shows. This ensures that group members are not bombarded with spam from promoters or other third parties. 


    This group features artists from all walks of life, so any artist that joins is sure to find inspiration or someone willing to collab.


    Everyone Knows Everyone in the Music Industry

    Though a relatively small group with only a little over one thousand members, this group is super resourceful for those looking to exchange opportunities and opinions about the music industry. 


    This group hosts artists and promoters who chat with each other about concert dates, music business possibilities, and so much more. 


    Music Biz Besties

    What makes this group unique is that it was created by Katherine Forbes, an expert in the website and branding of the music industry. Music Biz Besties is also unique because it is geared exclusively towards women looking to break into the male-dominated music industry. 


    Though this group isn't specifically for music promotion, it's a great location to meet people that can help you promote your music outside of Facebook.


    Music Sharing Network (MSN)

    This group is a free-for-all for any musician wanting to share their music and receive feedback. While artists are welcome to promote their own music in this group, they ask that you do not promote any shows, concerts, or festivals or ask people to buy tickets to an event.


    Check out any of these music groups and also do a quick Facebook search of your own. The more groups you join and share in, the better your chances of getting your music heard. 



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