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    Following Up On Opportunities; Persistence, Intention & Appreciation

    • 3 min read

    Following Up On Opportunities; Persistence, Intention & Appreciation


    In the music world, trying to get in contact with certain people can become a task within itself. Busy execs, bloggers, managers, and influencers are often bombarded with emails and DM's, so getting a response regarding your project can take a while. This leaves many people torn. While some have the urge to send a follow-up message, they do not want to appear "thirsty" or "annoying." 


    Unfortunately, the nonchalant attitude will not get you results. You will need to put yourself out there to get what you want. There is nothing "thirsty" about following up on opportunities. If anything, it shows that you are serious about your moves. Today, we'll explore how to correctly demonstrate persistence, intention, and appreciation when sending those follow-up inquiries. 



    If you have been given the contact information for a popular A&R who can introduce you to some key players at a record label, you will likely email them right away. After three days go by, you realize that you haven't heard back from the A&R. It is at this point that you need to send a follow-up email. Let them know that you are checking back to see if they've had time to review your message. This is you demonstrating persistence. You are actively expressing your enthusiasm and letting the A&R know that you are ready to put the work in. Never be afraid to send more than one message stating your interest. 



    Make your intentions very clear during your initial communication and follow up with the person you want to work with. For instance, if you aspire to work with only one producer for your new mixtape, make sure everything you need from them is thoroughly explained.


    Example: “Hello, my name is _____, and I go by stage name______. I am reaching out to you to inquire about securing your production services for an upcoming mixtape. I am interested in knowing your fees for a project of this nature and any other associated costs to complete this mixtape. Specifically, I would like you to provide the beats, as well as mixing and mastering. The expected release date is _____. Would you please let me know if this is something that you can accommodate? Thank you for your time."


    An email such as the example demonstrates your intention. You've outlined why you are emailing them, the particular services you need, and your intended release date for your mixtape. You want to provide as much detail as possible about your end goal so that they know right away whether or not they can assist you. Of course, there will be additional communication regarding minor details. But do not waste time with small talk. Get directly to the point. 



    Once your persistence and adequately expressing your intention has gotten you a response, say thank you. Let the person know that you appreciate them for taking the time to review and respond to you. Understand that they may have gotten busy, which is why they took a while to respond. Do not display arrogance or entitlement. Remember, they have something that you want, not the other way around. Always show grace and gratitude.


    Never shortchange yourself by not being assertive. Your career depends on it.


    Best of luck to you from your friends at Viral Media Boost.



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