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    Four Tips For a Smooth Music Practice Session

    • 2 min read

    Four Tips For a Smooth Music Practice Session


    Whether you are a seasoned musician or a rookie, you can continuously improve. Several months ago, rapper Saweetie announced that she was undergoing artist development to better her craft despite several successful singles, brand deals, and more. This is just one example of how artists should continue to practice.


    Music practice certainly is not an artist's favorite activity. Many prefer just to hit the stage and let the chips fall where they may or walk into the recording studio and get to work. Even if you are used to performing and recording, music practice is still an excellent way to keep you in shape artistically. 


    We know that it is easy to procrastinate when it is time to practice your vocals, stage performance, breathing techniques, instruments, or any other aspect of music. Therefore, we have put together a short list of best practices to help you get it done and be the best artist you can be. 


    Find the Right Environment

    You need to be in a comfortable space to practice your craft. It should be free of clutter, distractions, noise, and noisy people. Make sure the area is not too hot or too cold and is great for a musical session. 


    Do a Warm-Up Run

    As with exercising, you need to warm up before you dive into your practice. If your music involves playing an instrument, you want to be sure that you play several notes in your comfortable environment to get a feel for the device and the space. Or, if your only tool is your voice, then you'll want to get your vocal cords ready. 


    Record the Practice for Future Reference

    It would be best if you recorded yourself practicing. You can review this footage at any time to determine everything you want to work on. This will also help you keep track of your progress. 


    Apply New Skills

    Music practice is about finetuning your abilities. Don't be afraid to try new things. If you play the saxophone, try your hand at the flute. Incorporating other sounds or general ways of doing things can improve your music significantly. 


    Practice makes perfect. Don't sell yourself short by skipping this vital step.



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