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    Four Tips For Handling Rejection In the Music Business

    • 1 min read

    Four Tips For Handling Rejection In the Music Business


    Most artists will experience their fair share of rejection before they acquire the success they’re after. Many performers will deal with record labels passing up on them. Others will be faced with more popular musicians refusing to work with them. 


    These scenarios will discourage any artist eager to further their career. However, musicians must be able to deal with the rejection so that they can continue to elevate. Today, we have a few tips that can help musicians handle this happening.


    1. Ask For Feedback
      1. If you ask an artist for a feature and they say no, ask why. Find out what qualities they are looking for.
    2. Move On
      1. While getting curved by your favorite producer or rapper can be disappointing, do not let it consume it. Pick yourself and move on to the next opportunity. 
    3. Take Constructive Criticism
      1. If a record label rejects you, they’ll likely give you feedback regarding what you are lacking. Instead of getting offended, take whatever words of wisdom they give you and apply them. 
    4. Try Again
      1. After you’ve heard the feedback, implement the changes and try again. Go back to the label, producer, or even your fellow artist more refined and with something different to offer. 

    Rejection and the music industry go hand in hand, which is why every musician needs to be prepared for this. Review our checklist and let us know which tip worked best for you.