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    Get Booked Now Using These Three Gig Booking Websites

    • 2 min read

    Get Booked Now Using These Three Gig Booking Websites


    Getting paid to perform your music is definitely one of the biggest goals that all artists have. Luckily, technology has made it so that this is a much easier feat today than in past years. In addition to making connections through social media, several websites make it easy for artists to get booked.


    Below, we’ll explore three gig booking websites that all artists should consider for their next job.


    Indie On The Move

    Indie on the Move offers a few different paid options and many free tools that you can use to find local gigs. The Show Availabilities tool allows musicians to search for and respond to open show listings. These are usually a combination of venues eager to fill empty seats and touring bands seeking local acts to open up for them. The Band Availabilities feature allows artists to create their own listings in hopes that a venue will inquire about booking them. 


    Indie on the Move is the largest database of venues and possibilities in the country, so your chances of landing a gig are high.



    Because of their efficient and streamlined booking system, SonicBids has been trusted by thousands of prominent venues, festivals, and performers worldwide. Artists simply create an account and search for gigs using the band opening finder feature. Multiple smart filters allow artists to customize their search according to their specific specialties. 


    To apply for the gigs you find, you’ll need to sign up for their Gig Seeker Pro plan, which costs $19.99 per month. Some gigs will include additional fees to apply.


    Festival Net

    Festival Net is the perfect option for landing festival gigs. Nearly all of the many festivals that take place in the U.S. are seeking artists on this website. All you’d need to do is search for festivals that interest you, and you can even perform a search based on compensation. 


    Festival Net offers a “One-Click Connect” system that allows artists to apply for shows with a single click easily. 


    Never sell yourself short or think that you are not seasoned enough to land gigs around the country. Give any of these websites a chance, and let us know your experience. 


    Good luck!



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