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    Get Featured On These YouTube Music Promotion Channels

    • 1 min read

    Get Featured On These YouTube Music Promotion Channels


    Getting your music noticed is an almost around-the-clock job for any artist. However, making the right connections can help your music reach the masses. YouTube music promo channels are becoming increasingly popular. These are channels that are dedicated solely to presenting their audience with new tunes. Many of them have worked for years to build their community of loyal music lovers. What makes these channels such a vital asset is the fact that those who have subscribed to them are genuinely on the prowl for new tunes regularly. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed to obtain new fans once your song is played on the channel. 


    Here is a list of several YouTube music promotion channels that you're definitely going to want to submit your music to.


    Beats and Culture



    Underground Charisma 





    Now keep in mind that all of these channels get tons of submissions weekly. It may be worth your time to make genuine connections with each of them or select a paid promo placement if they are offered. 


    Try out a few of them, and let us know how it goes.


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