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    Getting a Feature Back That You Hate; How to Handle It & When to Shelve It

    • 2 min read

    Getting a Feature Back That You Hate; How to Handle It & When to Shelve It

    Here at Viral Media Boost, we encourage all artists to get out of their comfort zone and collaborate with fellow musicians. Not only is it a great networking opportunity, but it gives you the chance to expand your creativity. While this is an essential part of being an artist, there may also be a time when the collab does not go as planned. Maybe meshing the two styles does not connect as well as you thought. Maybe the artist did not deliver a verse that you felt fit the song you are working on. These are unfortunate circumstances, but it is crucial that you handle this professionally. 

    We’ll give you some tips on what to do in the event that you hate the feature and how to move forward with or without the musician you worked with.

    Explain what you DON’T like

    Receiving a feature from someone that is not up to par may be disheartening, but you should never become unresponsive. Do not ghost your collaborator. Instead, describe the specific parts of the feature that you do not like. Their pronunciation of certain words or their lack of voice inflection over certain parts may be the factors you aren’t happy with. Let them know this. In many cases, they can quickly fix this to your liking. 

    Explain what you DO like

    Just as you delivered constructive criticism, let them know the positive side as well. Tell the featured artist what you loved about their verse or hook so that they do not alter those parts when they go to make revisions. 

    What to do if you’re still not happy

    If guidance and constructive criticism do not get the job done and you’re still not satisfied with the feature, you may have to exclude it from your song. This is no easy decision because oftentimes, artists build a strong rapport with one another, so telling them that they will not be on the record can be an awkward conversation. For this reason, you must handle it with care. Let your fellow artist know that you appreciate them taking the time to work with you and that you’d be open to teaming up in the future. Explain your vision for the record or project and how their delivery does not align with it. 


    In a previous blog, we gave tips on handling unprofessionalism in the music industry. Unprofessionalism will occur at some point but make sure you do not contribute to that culture. Be prompt, be fair and be appreciative. It will take you far in the music industry.