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    Getting Verified On Instagram Is Not Easy. Here's How You Can Better Your Chances

    • 4 min read

    Getting Verified On Instagram Is Not Easy. Here's How You Can Better Your Chances


    What was once used as a simple tool to verify the authenticity of a celebrity's Instagram account, the blue check has now become a symbol of status on IG. Aside from stars, influencers who obtain the verification are considered the upper-echelon of social media. While many have received the blue check, Instagram is extremely picky about who they verify. If you plan on applying for this, let's go over a few steps you must complete to better your chances of being approved.


    Build Your Following

    You will need to work hard at building up a following if you want IG to consider your profile for verification. As we've mentioned in other marketing blogs, you'll want to pay close attention to your insights to get a good idea of when your audience is online the most and the type of content they engage with most. You will need to post consistently at the correct times and engage with your followers. You will also need to build your IG following and your audience across all platforms you are currently on. As an artist, if your fans follow you on Twitter, they are likely to follow you on Instagram as well. Also, be sure that you are using correct hashtags when you post so that people who aren't following you come across your content. 


    For Instagram to verify you, you must be notable. So building your fanbase is essential. Make yourself as popular online as possible.


    Make Your Posts Personal

    Since other users may have a name similar to yours, you will need to stand out. If there is an account with a username related to yours, make sure that you personalize your content so that Instagram and your following are clear that the profiles are separate. 


    You also want to add personality to your posts so that your followers feel as if they know you. For a musician, just posting photos of studio equipment is not enough. Instead, post images of yourself inside of the studio or videos of your recording. Post images from you on stage at your show versus just a flyer of the show. Let your audience get ready for a performance with you by posting a video of the preparations.


    Identify The Type Of Account You Have

    You will need to ensure that your account is a business account and then select the category in your account settings. For artists, you will want to select "musician/band."


    NEVER Buy a Verification Badge

    Scammers are everywhere, particularly on social media. Thousands of IG accounts and third-party apps promise verification for a small fee. Others will offer to "sell" their verification badges because they no longer need them. Some people will even claim to work for Instagram and guarantee you a blue check. Don't fall for it. Instagram does not charge anyone to become verified. The only way to become verified is by applying for verification and being approved.


    Remove Links To Other Social Media From Your Bio

    Instagram claims that verified accounts cannot have links to their other social media accounts in their bios. Be sure to remove links to your TikTok, Twitter, etc. YouTube is considered a social site, yet many verified artists still include these links in their bio, so do so at your own risk, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Remember, IG can suspend verification if they find you to be in violation of the terms.


    Make Sure Your Account Is Complete

    When verifying, Instagram wants to ensure that your profile is "complete." Be sure that your page is public, has a profile photo, a bio free of other social media links, and at least one post. 


    If You Have The Funds, Hire a Publicist

    While this may take a big budget, if you have it to spend, go for it. A reputable PR agency has access to Facebook's Media Partner Support tools. They can manage your entire social media presence by submitting requests to claim usernames, merge accounts, and get accounts verified through their industry-only portal. While this is no guarantee of verification, it certainly boosts your chances. 


    Now, if you think you are ready to apply for verification, simply go to your settings, click on account and scroll down to "request verification." You'll need to complete the application with your legal name, your "known as" or working title, the category or industry you are in, and a photo of your official government ID.


    Instagram will review your application, and within a few days or sometimes weeks, they will inform you of their decision in your notification tab. They will never email, call or text you. 


    Though we cannot promise that any of these tools get you verified, they've been proven to help others. So they're definitely worth a try.


    Good luck!


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