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    Hacks For Getting On The Instagram Explore Page

    • 2 min read

    Hacks For Getting On The Instagram Explore Page


    On Instagram, the Explore Page is the Holy Grail of content. Only the most engaging content ends up on this page. Nearly everyone will see a slightly different Explore Page depending on the type of accounts that they follow. However, the page is a gold mine because most of the content is from accounts you don't follow. 


    For artists, landing on the Explore Page is a big deal because it opens the floodgates for new followers who may not have been familiar with you previously. Let's review a few tips that will guarantee you a spot on this page and increase your visibility. 


    Get Familiar With Your Target Audience

    Use the followers that you already have to identify your target market. Use your analytics to identify your target's sex, age, and race and then learn the type of content they engage with the most. 


    Use Reels

    Reels are a step above the usual Instagram videos that you post. They have their own Explore feed, which drives more traffic than traditional videos. Posting 15 to 30 second Reels using targeted hashtags will drive views to your clip in no time.  


    Pay Attention To Content On Your Explore Page

    While you don't need to copy the content verbatim, paying close attention to the type of content on the Explore Page and re-creating it for your followers is a great way to end up on the feed. Pay close attention to the trends and which ones are getting the most engagement. 


    Post Consistently

    We've said this before, but this step is vital. You must post consistently every single day to keep your followers engaged and to get new ones. Try and commit to at least two posts a day during peak times of the day when your followers are most active. 


    Participate In Challenges

    Staying up to date on the latest social media challenge is crucial if you want to end up on the Explore Page. Be sure that you participate in these challenges, post them at peak times, and use the proper hashtags to better your chances of ending up on the feed.


    Going viral as an artist is your goal. You want to take social media by storm, and Instagram is a great place to start. Implement all of these steps to solidify your spot on the Explore Page. Let us know which one of your posts gets the most attention. 



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