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    How Borrow Lenses Can Help Artists Create Content On a Budget

    • 2 min read

    How Borrow Lenses Can Help Artists Create Content On a Budget


    Here at Viral Media Boost, we are all about finding valuable life hacks for musicians everywhere. Today, we have discovered another one for you that can come in handy when creating new content. 


    For independent artists, it is not uncommon to be strapped for cash at times, considering that without major label backing, every expense falls on your shoulders. In times such as these, it may feel impossible to achieve quality music videos and photoshoots. However, if you are determined enough to shoot this content on your own but lack the necessary equipment, Borrow Lenses is a convenient and cost-efficient tool. They are a rental company for all of your video and photography needs. 


    Let’s explore why all indie musicians should get familiar with Borrow Lenses this year.


    What Is Borrow Lenses?

    Borrow Lenses is a company that lends out a wide range of filming equipment to users across the United States. Founded in 2007 with only a handful of offerings, the company now has cameras, lenses, audio equipment, lighting, monitors, tripods, projectors, and nearly any other top-of-the-line piece of equipment that can be used to fulfill any media project.


    Why Is Borrow Lenses Useful for Indie Artists?

    Indie artists often have to be innovative. This includes having to film and edit your own visuals at times. However, many artists lack the proper equipment and funds to purchase all the tools needed to fulfill this. That is where Borrow Lenses come in. Once you select your desired dates and the equipment you need, the company ships it out to you with a prepaid return label, making it easy to send it back. Even better, Borrow Lenses employs videographers and photographers who can let you know precisely what equipment you need for your project.  


    Be mindful that it is up to you to protect their equipment and return it in perfect condition. Otherwise, you risk being charged a hefty fee.


    Is Borrow Lenses Expensive?

    It is hard to pinpoint an exact price with any rental company that provides a wide range of services. However, many cameras cost as little as $50 for a seven-day rental. For instance, the Sony RX100 V 4K camera costs $58 for a week-long rental. Considering that this camera retails for nearly $1,000, this is an excellent deal for indie artists needing to shoot content. 


    While this option may not be for everybody, for self-managed artists on a budget, Borrow Lenses can be a lifesaver. Give it a try, and let us know how it works out for you.


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