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    How "Google Play Music" Shutdown has helped YouTube Music to Grow

    • 3 min read

    How "Google Play Music" Shutdown has helped YouTube Music to Grow

    Google play music has been shut down in February. Somehow, its demise has paved the way for YouTube music growth, making it widely acceptable. But there is a reason why YouTube music picked up the pace faster than other streaming services out there.

    Since September 2020, Google mandated its users to switch to other apps else they will lose the Music they have purchased. Although they set the deadline for October 2020, February 24th was the final date where the Google Play Music service was shut down.

    Part of the hindrance to YouTube Music growth had been the fact that Google had two music streaming services running simultaneously. And since Google Play Music shutdown, a lot of music lovers migrated to YouTube music because of the easy step to move their purchased music from Google play to YouTube Music.

    The closest option to Google Play Music was YouTube music. A large number of Google play Music users chose YouTube because of its easy access.

    How to Migrate

    To transfer your Music from Google play music, you should click here to start the process. Once you select the google account, ensure you select your personal account, especially if you have two accounts. Once you are done selecting, you should hit the transfer button, and then Google will complete it.

    After the transfer has been made, users will be able to see an updated YouTube music. Users will also get emails when the transfer is complete and added to the in-app library.

    Here are some features that made YouTube Music growth possible:

    1.    The increased playlist length is a feature that comes with the new YouTube music player. There is also an option of offline listening and custom support of uploads.
    2.    Users that have podcasts can transfer their subscription by just visiting a webpage.
    3. The YouTube service brings together music videos, playlists, albums, remixes, live performances and individual tracks in one place.
    4. YouTube Music has a restricted mode setting which allows you to block videos that other users have reported as being inappropriate or which YouTube has flagged. This is useful for you if you are worried that your kids will stumble on a music video that's not suitable for their age.
    5. You can tweak the quality that music and videos are streamed in to reduce the amount of data you consume when you're using YouTube Music.
    6. You can listen to up to 100 songs even when you have no internet access with the YouTube Music Premium Mixtape feature. This is a specialized playlist, based on your music tastes. It is automatically downloaded to your smartphone or tablet when you open YouTube Music.
    7. With YouTube Music smart search you can search for songs using the lyrics if you want to play a song but don't know what it's called, and it even offers accurate suggestions if you misspell the lyrics or the title of the song.

    How does YouTube music work?

    Whether it is the app or the web player, YouTube music's home screen is constantly changing. The explore option will help you to find more Music and give you the rapid option of getting new genres for a unique music mood.

    The library will allow you access to the Music on your device and the ones you transferred from Google Play Music. The web version and mobile app all give you access to your Music, both transferred and the one on the device.

    Selecting a song will allow you to either listen to it as an audio or a video version. With the like and dislike button, you can help google know the kind of Music to recommend for you subsequently. This feature was a big determinant in YouTube music growth.

    With YouTube Music, you will be able to use the app without signing in; however, this feature will only work for the Music on your device. But if you want to use the streaming service, you may have to sign-in.

    How to play YouTube Music in the background with YouTube Music

    •        Head to in your device browser.
    •        Open the settings and select desktop mode.
    •        Press play on the Music you want to listen to.
    •        Turn off the display.

    If the Music stops, wake to the standby screen on Android and look for media controls, and it plays. On the iPhone, swipe to the control center and press play.

    The Music should then start playing again.