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    How PayPal Credit Can Help Fund Your Music Career

    • 2 min read

    How PayPal Credit Can Help Fund Your Music Career


    Paying for sometimes ongoing expenses can cause any artist to feel discouraged and even walk away from music for good. Studio time, marketing, quality beats, features, and day-to-day functions of your career can feel like a ton of pressure, especially for artists who work a 9-to-5 with the typical adult bills to keep in mind. 


    PayPal Credit can serve as a quick and easy solution for artists needing a little extra funding to fill the gap until their music takes off.


    PayPal Credit is a program for PayPal users that offers a virtual line of credit that can be used wherever the payment method is accepted. While the program is subject to credit approval, people have reported that they've been approved for funding even with a low credit score. What makes PayPal Credit an excellent solution for artists is that they can make monthly payments on things such as beats, photoshoots, and video shoots. For instance, if you have a video shoot that is $350, you can pay for it using your PayPal Credit and make minimum payments to PayPal until you pay off the balance, as with a regular credit card. This takes a significant burden off of artists who may not have the money upfront to fund specific projects. 


    As with any line of credit, you will need to ensure that you are paying monthly and on time to avoid late fees and negative credit score impacts. Also, having a good payment history can help to get an increased spending limit. One easy way to keep up with your payments is by keeping funds in a connected PayPay account that you can quickly transfer to your PayPal Credit account on or before your payment date.


    PayPal Credit may not be the definitive solution to all of your music funding woes, but it can serve as a low-risk way to further your career. 


    Please be advised that Viral Media Boost is not a credit advising company, so we cannot give you guidance regarding interest rates or credit reporting services. Click here for additional information regarding interest rates and approvals. 



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