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    How to Bounce Back From a Bad Show

    • 2 min read

    How to Bounce Back From a Bad Show

    In our last article, we gave you tips for recovering from forgetting your lyrics on stage. We’re sure that advice was well received by our scatterbrained artist buddies of the world. But what happens when a memory failure is not the only flub of the show? What do you do when the sound is terrible, or the DJ equipment fails? What can be done if no one comes to your performance or the attendance is low? There are many ways a concert can go terribly wrong, and every musician should know what to do when things don’t go as expected.


    Try Your Best to Keep Going

    As we mentioned in the last blog, try to keep the show going. If the sound is bad, ending the show may be inevitable. However, your fans will appreciate the effort you put in.


    Address What Went Wrong

    Whatever goes wrong, make sure you address it. This can be done on stage or social media following the event. If technical difficulties were to blame, let attendees know. If the sound system failed, tell fans exactly what aspect failed.


    Fix the Issues

    No matter what the real issue is, fix it for next time. A lousy show will happen in your career, but you must ensure that it doesn’t occur often. Invest in new equipment, new promotion, or even a new DJ if you need to.


    Offer Refunds

    While you need to make a living as an artist, you must be fair. If the show was not up to par, refund attendees. Consumers do not deserve to spend their hard-earned money on something they don’t enjoy. Yes, it will be a loss financially. But, to keep your fans happy, it’s only right.


    Consult With Your Team

    Your team may be able to offer some answers as to what went wrong. Have a round table after the catastrophe and brainstorm together. Acknowledge every problem, what led to it, and work together for a solution.


    In 2022, we will offer artists more advice on various hiccups they will encounter in the early stages of their careers. 


    Viral Media Boost is here to help and guide you.