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    How to Deal with Your Musical Struggles

    • 3 min read

    How to Deal with Your Musical Struggles

    Music is a gig that needs all the attention that you can give to it. And just as there are struggles in almost every activity we embark on in life, there are also struggles you face when you take music as a career.

    In all these struggles you face as an artist, there is a proper way to deal with them. As soon as you identify the source of those loops that cause the struggles, you should do well to address them. This article is about identifying what those struggles are and proffering lasting solutions to them.

    Reduce your drinking habits

    Yes, I can notice that you are groaning about this already. You want to continue with the buzz and the other excesses that come with the music career. It is okay to have one or two bottles, but when you notice that you need all the attention you can for your career to progress, you will agree with me to stop drinking.

    The music career is that which tries to make rock ‘n’ roll and good drinking look synonymous. But you can attest to the fact that you can use that money spent on drinks for something more productive. This is just about the money aspect.

    When you check other ways, you can be affected by frequent drinking; then, you will understand the more reason you need to cut your drinking. There is a chance that you will spend quality time dealing with the hangover the next day, especially when you spend the night drinking. And this is what you need to avoid, putting quality time away just like that. If you like this point, then you will have to evaluate your priorities and avoid booze.

    Make a healthier relationship.

    Struggles in the music industry only snowball when you don’t create quality time with quality friends. Having quality time has already been discussed in the previous point, but now, you need to create quality friends.

    Instead of mingling with friends who are a replica of emotional difficulties, you should take time to surround yourself with musicians or lovers of music who can move your career forward. It is impossible to eliminate these kinds of friends who offer no value to us, but you should limit the time you spend with them.

    At the beginning of every day, tell yourself the kind of progress you want to make, look around you for the possible obstacles you will face and see if any of your friends can help you overcome such obstacle; if it is difficult to find a friend that will help you overcome, then you need to find a better relationship.

    Cut your cloth

    I understand that the life of a musician is that of glitz and glamour. No one wants to deal with the grandiosity of any band. Hence it would help if you avoided all of that always. If you pay close attention, you will realize that the struggle you will face as an artist will come from you trying to meet a particular standard of living.

    As much as you can avoid this, it is the source of many artist problems. No one owes you anything, so you should not raise your shadow high; the best way to show you are more durable, bigger and better is to when you are humble, gracious, creative, and word as hard as you can.

    Take the blame when you are wrong and look for ways to get along as quickly as possible. The fact still shows that you need a bit of a miracle to be successful as an artist; hence you should set yourself up to benefit from others around you. Being pompous will compound your struggles as an artist.

    Render support

    There is this negative mindset that comes with working in the music industry; it is the mindset of ‘I NEED ALL THE HELP’ I can get. You can be filled with this mindset that you forget that younger or even older artists around you can also make use of your help.

    Find yourself a music community, and as soon as you do, do not look for what you should benefit but rather how you can help. There is someone around who would make good use of your help and your input. Let your heart be fixed on that.

    Overcoming your struggle as a musician will entail your sacrifice and diligence. Making progress in your career will need you to reach out to people who are discipline as well.